Tony Mellencamp awakened one morning, prepared for work and looked forward to voting in a primary election, of which he was a candidate. He soon found out how lives can be turned upside down in an instant when his wife suddenly began seizing and stopped breathing.

The journey from that moment on is chronicled through posts on Facebook and thoughts and recollections of family and friends in this heart-wrenching story of faith, love and hope.

Kaye was given a one in 10 chance of survival following a sudden massive subarachnoid hemorrhage. Medical staff at Adams Memorial Hospital and Parkview Regional Medical Center worked tirelessly to save the life of this mother, sister, daughter, wife and friend.

"k" will make you cry. "k" will make you laugh. "k" above all will prove miracles do happen. It is a touching, personal story told by a husband very much in love with his wife and best friend.

See what happens from that first moment up to the current time in this novel by Tony Mellencamp.

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